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It is a great pleasure to learn that a website is to be established on behalf of Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi ( ITAK) and the Tamil National Alliance ( TNA). In this period of the struggle for the Liberation of the Tamil National Community of the island of Sri Lanka, the opening of this website would become a milestone. The struggle of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eealm for the last three decades for the Liberation of the Tamil National Community in this island is unique, because it has created numerous achievements. I strongly believe that the creation of this website would bring about an appreciable impression among the Tamil population living all over the world and among those who are keen on the Liberation of the Tamil people. This objective is absolutely essential at the present juncture. Hence I whole-heartedly express my best wishes and greetings on this cherished occasion. web address is

Mavai S Senathirajah
Member of Parliament
General Secretary
Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi(ITAK)

Traditional Homeland
of Tamils in Island of Ceylon

Home Land


Contact Us
Office of
Tamil National Alliance
(Ilankai Tamil Arasu Katchi),
3rd Floor,
Parliamentary Complex
Sri Lanka

[email protected]


Leader of ITAK & TNA

TNA MPs killed by Sri Lankan Government during President Rajapakse’s rule

Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian of Jaffna District, Mamanithar Kiddinan Sivanesan,50, was killed on 06/03/2008 in a Claymore attack carried out by the Sri Lanka Army Deep Penetration Unit on A-9 road.30 minutes after he crossed into Vanni through Omanthai/ Puliyamkulam entry/exit point. Claymore attack took place at Kollarpuliyamkulam 1:20pm. More

Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian for Jaffna District, Mamanithar Nadarajah Raviraj, 44, was shot and killed in Colombo on 10/11/2006 around 8:30am by Paramilitary group operated by the srilankan Government.


Mamanithar Josep MP

Tamil National Alliance parliamentarian for National List, Mamanithar Joseph Pararajasingham ,70, was shot and killed by two gumen belonging to a paramilitary group operated by Sri Lankan Government in the St. Mary's Cathedral in Batticaloa town while he was attending the Christmas Eve mass of 24th December 2005. Josep Pararajasingam was one of the senior Tamil Politician in the Parliament.

Genocide on Srilankan Tamils
From 01-01-2009 to 05-04-2009

killings       4146
Wounded  8774


TNA urges the IC to ensure an immediate cessation of the war

Tamil National Alliance (TNA), sent an appeal to the International Community(IC) urging it to ensure an immediate cessation of the war and ensure that adequate medical supplies, food and shelter be sent to the  civilians inside the area under siege by the Sri Lankan military. The TNA also urged the IC to urge permission be given for the UN and other humanitarian organisations to function in the area and to allow independent media into the affected areas to report the situation.

Full text of the appeal by the TNA follows:

Recent genocide on Tamils by GoSL in Vanni

Government of Sri Lanka having genocide on Tamil civilians in Vanni by using various ways. In January and February 2009 more that 2000 civilians were killed and more than 5000 civilians were severely injured.

GoSL wants to establish the Sinhala Buddhist supremacy across the Srilanka Suresh.MP

Suresh Premachandran, Member of Parliament, Jaffna electoral district of Tamil National Alliance, talked about the humanitarian cricis in Vavuniya refugee camps which run by army and the Northern and Eastern peovince and other parts of the country. To listen his full interview ,click this link

"unwarranted interference in my freedom of thought,"- TNA leader Sampanthan.MP

Senior Politician and the Parliamentary Group Leader of Tamil National Alliance (TNA) R. Sampanthan on Wednesday described the so-called 'investigation' by the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) as "unwarranted interference in my freedom of thought," in a letter addressed to Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa.


Tamils in Vanni being killed in the SLAF`s indiscriminate artillery barrage and bombings

“International media black out news of the Tamils in Vanni being killed in the Sri Lanka government’s indiscriminate artillery barrage and bombings while publishing the false information spread by the Sri Lanka government,” said Tamil National Alliance (TNA) parliamentary group leader, R. Sampanthan, in a press meet attended by a large number of local and international journalists Tuesday afternoon in Sri Lanka parliamentary complex, sources in Colombo said.

Tokyo Co-chairs' stand fails in fundementals - FRC of the TNA

Foreign Relations Committee(FRC) of the Tamil National Alliance(TNA), responding to the controversial statement by the Tokyo Co-chairs, which called on the Tamil Tigers to lay down their arms and surrender to the Sri Lankan government, said it has been the firm and consistent position of the Tamil people that the island of Sri Lanka is inhabited by the Tamil nation and the Sinhala nation. "It is on the basis of recognising this reality and by the respective authentic representatives of these two nations, namely the LTTE and the Sri Lanka State, engaging in negotiations on how these two nations shall associate with each other for the future security and mutual benefit of both nations, can a just and sustainable solution to the Tamil National Question be found."

full text of the statement

TNA urges for shut down in North, East of Sri Lanka

Tamil National Alliance (TNA) called upon the people in the North and East of Sri Lanka to observe a general shut down on Friday, the 30th of January, to protest against the killing of Tamil civilians by Sri Lanka armed forces. Several hundreds of Internally Displaced People (IDPs) assembled within the Colombo designated "safety zone" have died in the last four days from artillery and air strikes by Sri Lanka military.

TNA calls upon the international community to bring an immediate end to the massacre of Tamil civilians

Parliamentary group of Tamil National Alliance(TNA) calls upon the international community to use all its influence with the Sri Lankan State to bring an immediate end to the massacre of these Tamil civilians. The TNA further appeals that the international community intervenes to secure immediate medical supplies and medical personnel to be sent to treat the affected civilians.
Mullai RDHS: Human Catastrophe &
Medical Emergency in the Vanni


TNA Calls for Immediate Ceasefire and Talks

The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) wishes to bring to the urgent attention of the international community the current dire situation facing the Tamil civilian population in Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) administered areas. Currently there are over 360,000 IDPs out of a total population of nearly 500,000 people in LTTE controlled areas. This entire population is living within an area of about 400 square kilometers.


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